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Friday, Friday

This week absolutely flew by, but I’m not complaining one bit! This weekend J and I hope to sneak away to catch a movie and we have lots of work to get done around the house including painting a few rooms and finish stripping and staining our deck. Sunday we have a fun little river trip planned with the boys so let’s hope the rain holds off.

But before the weekend officially begins, let’s get to my 5 from this week.

After Ben’s baseball game last week we enjoyed dinner and a drink on the patio at our local brewery. Their Moscow Mules are the best and I’m determined to recreate them this Summer.

Our school district offers Summer School during the month of June. It’s different from the regular school day in that there is a theme and the kids rotate to different classrooms/activities throughout the day. Monday was Ben’s first day at his new school (where I also went to elementary school). He was a little nervous, but has done a great job all week and I’m glad he has a chance to get used to the new school before he starts 1st grade there in August.

For some reason birds are super attracted to our patio. I first noticed a bunch of them after it rained one day sucking water of the deck floor, but then I looked out there this week and saw a bunch of them again. J’s in the process of stripping and power washing it so I hope they don’t get any chemicals on their little feet:(

Second snow cone of the Summer, done!

I made these delicious southwestern nachos for dinner one night this week so stay tuned for the recipe on Tuesday! 

And in case you missed it, check out my post from earlier this week on how to recreate Girl Scout Caramel DeLite Cookies aka Somoas.

Have a wonderful weekend!
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      That's awesome. True friends know you can't start married life without the proper Moscow mule mugs. A lot of the restaurants in our area stopped serving them in the copper mugs because people kept taking them:( Hope you had a great weekend!!

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