5 on Friday

5 on Friday

Even though President’s Day was on Monday, this four day work week has seemed every bit of five days.  I started getting a tingle in my throat last night so I’m crossing all my fingers and toes that it doesn’t turn into something more. Let’s get to my 5 on Friday for the week.


I shared this song on my Instastories last week and so many of you liked it. Considering the song is called IDGAF, be prepared for the f-word to be used a lot 🙂5 on Friday: IDGAF Dua Lipa


During my last visit to Sam’s, I picked up a bag of our favorite Smartfood Popcorn. I know the purpose of Sam’s is to buy things in large quantities but I guess I didn’t realize just how big the bag was until I went to eat some.Woman holding giant Smartfood popcorn bag


I have a manicure appointment this weekend and per the usual, I’m leaning towards Lincoln Park After Dark. Although it’s a great go-to color for Winter, what other colors am I missing? Any new ones I should try?Nails painted with Lincoln Park After Dark


I finished reading The Hate You Give You and it’s a must read if you haven’t already. It’s intense, endearing, and relates all too well to the current climate in this country.The Hate U Give Book


Spring’s not too far away and there are several little projects I really want to complete around the house. What do you think the chances are I can convince my husband to help me knock out these two this weekend?5 on Friday: DIY Restoration Hardware Dupe Shelves in a guest bathroom

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