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2014 Resolutions: 3 Month Update

Well we’re 3 months into the New Year so here’s an update on how my Decisions for 2014 are going.

1. Family Time
Ben and I have had some one-on-one time and we went on a date to the movies. J and Ben have been having nightly “boy” time where they play games on the Wii U. Sometimes they even invite me to play 🙂  J and I have also been able to get out of the house and go to dinner and a movie just the two of us. 
2. Less negativity 
 I’m trying, but could definitely try harder.
3. Healthy Living
This one has been pretty successful so far. I joined a Gold’s Gym Express that just opened about  2 minutes from my work and it’s only $10 a month! I’ve been using a machine called the TreadClimber and I burn almost 1,000 calories/hr although I don’t usually do it for an entire hour. I’m thinking about doing the Rock n Roll 1/2 marathon in October instead of the Go! one in April.  I’ve also signed up for a 5k Glow Run in April with some friends and Ben’s going to do it with me too.
4. Organization
Our home binder is still pretty organized as well as the basement storage. I also cleaned out/organized all my holiday decorations. 
5. Professional Growth
I’m haven’t been working late more than one night a week and I’ve also gotten much better at setting limits in terms of scheduling with clients. I haven’t made much progress on professional development opportunities or readings and I wish there was more time for these. 
6. Personal Growth
I started the devotional, Wife After God, but I’ve missed several days:( I’ve also tried several new recipes and outfits, and I’ve been doing fairly well with being on time. As far as the cussing…still lots of room for improvement:) I have been reading like crazy. 
7. Finances
I’d give myself a solid B on this one. I have something special planned for March that I’ll share later this week.
8. The Blog
The new blog design is complete and to say I love it is an understatement. I’ve tried to comment a lot more on other people’s posts, but it’s still something I’m working on. I also appreciate all the new people following this little blog! 

9. Fun fluff
No surprise this is the area I’m doing the best in 🙂

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