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2018 Goals Update: April

This month’s goals update is a week late and if I’m being honest, I didn’t really want to post it. I’ve been inconsistent with some of my goals and feeling lack of motivation with others.

I know I’m not the only one feeling this way and as we creep closer to mid-year it becomes really easy to let that fire and drive I had in January slowly fade away. The old me would have done just that. And maybe you would have too. Not this year. When we change our thinking from perfection to progress then giving up becomes a lot harder to do. Despite setbacks and missteps there is always progress, even if it’s little itty bitty baby progress.

//Write down ten things that I am grateful for at the end of every single day//

I’ve actually done pretty well with this goal. I’ve got a good morning routine down that includes reflecting on the day before as well as looking at what’s already happened in the early morning that I can be grateful for. A lot of the times it’s the sunshine and birds chirping 🙂

//Complete at least 3 devotionals or bible studies//

I’m making by way through Awaken by Priscilla Shirer. I wouldn’t say I love it, but there are definitely some good nuggets to take away. I’ll do a full review when I’m done with it.

//Workout at least 4 times per week for at least 30 minutes//

I’ve been pretty inconsistent with this one and I honestly have no excuses. Some weeks I did great and others I only made it once or twice. I’ve been going on lots of walks now that the weather is nice but that’s not definitely not a replacement.

//Lose 20 pounds//

I’ve lost 11.2 pounds since January and while that’s great that means I only lost 1 pound in April. See above. I’ve also been eating horribly on the the weekends and patio happy hours don’t help either. I’m determined to reign that in this month and I’d like to loose a few more pounds before our trip to San Diego at the end of the month.

//Give up soda for at least 30 days//

I completed this one at the end of January and am doing really well with limiting how many I drink to 2-3 per month.

//Wake up an hour earlier on weekdays in order to have the best start to my day//

Again with the consistency. After losing my shit yesterday morning on the way out the door it reaffirmed that I need my morning time, by myself, before anyone else gets up.

//Drink half my body weight in ounces of water each day//

Doing well with this one.

//Read 12 books throughout the year//

I’ve read 10 books so far and plan to do a summer reading list soon.

//Declare our house a yelling free zone and create a plan on how we’ll do this//

Getting in my morning time helps with this and allows me to be ready to go when the kids get up. This time of year is super busy and being prepared (lunches packed, schedule figured out, laundry done, etc) really helps with this. I’m also working on not pushing my rushed adult agenda on the kids so much. Especially on things that don’t matter. Say it together now, it will be ok if it takes the kids ten minutes to brush their teeth.

//Have bi-weekly date nights with my husband. Whether we go out or do something at home, a time carved out for just the two of us to strengthen our marriage//

There were many weeknights in April where we were like two ships passing. I’d take one kid to their activity and my husband would take the other. Our anniversary is in May (and already happened by the time you’re reading this) which will force us to send the kids away and enjoy a night out.

//Continue to create a budget each month and update the budget at least weekly//

Why must house things cost sooo much money? Can’t I have the bathroom of my dreams for free? April’s budget wasn’t too bad and now we’re focused on planning and saving for things like vacations, birthdays, and holidays coming up this summer.

//Create a house where stuff does not cause chaos. Each room will only have things we love and all of those things will have a place//

It’s amazing how normal it’s become for the boys and I to get rid of a huge pile of stuff. You would think we’d be out of stuff by now, but surprisingly we keep finding things we can live without which means we’re getting closer and closer to only having the things we really use and love.

April Feelings: Stalled, inspired, unmotivated, rushed, grateful
Goals Update: Could have, might have, should have, did it quote

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