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2018 Goals Update | January

We’re one month into the New Year so it’s time to check-in and see what progress I’ve made in the last 31 days. I’d also love to hear about all the great things you guys have accomplished in January so make sure to share those in the comments. It’s always inspiring and motivating to hear other people’s successes. Now let’s get to it.

//Write down ten things that I am grateful for at the end
of every single day//

I’ll be honest, although I think this is the easiest one to complete on the list, it’s the one I do the least frequently. I was writing them down in my planner at the end of the day but that wasn’t always practical so now I’m putting them in my phone at night before bed and it makes it much easier to remember.

//Complete at least 3 devotionals or bible studies//

I still need to find some devotionals. The ones I’ve looked at so far haven’t really peaked my interest so I’d love some recommendations.

//Workout at least 4 times per week for at least 30

I’m pretty proud of myself on this one. Especially on those days where I don’t get my workout done in the morning, I make it a priority to do it after work. Four days a week is also way more realistic and doable than seven so I’m not setting myself up to fail. For February, I plan on tracking the actual number of days I work out.

//Lose 20 pounds//

I’ve lost 7.2 pounds since the 1st which is progress, but I’ve definitely had a few cheat meals here and there so if I really reigned those in it would probably be one or two more. I’m really trying to stick to “all things in moderation” and making sure to track all of my food in My Fitness Pal. If I do have a cheat meal, I make sure to adjust the calories elsewhere throughout the day. I also only allow myself a cheat meal. Before if I had a cheat meal it would turn in to a cheat day, which then became the rest of the week. Again, this is where consistency is key.

//Give up soda for at least 30 days//

I officially made it 31 days and going strong. This goal wasn’t even so much about the soda as it was making a promise to myself and not breaking it. I still remember how great a Dr. Pepper tastes and will probably have it again at some point, but as a treat not a regular habit.

//Wake up an hour earlier on weekdays in order to have
the best start to my day//

Getting back into this routine has been hard, but I definitely notice a positive difference in my mood and energy level when I wake up earlier.

//Drink half my body weight in ounces of water each day//

Doing it although I’ve never had to pee so much.

//Read 12 books throughout the year//

I’ve already knocked out 4 books so I’m way ahead of schedule. And if you’re looking for book recommendations make sure to check out my post on 3 Books to Get You Through Winter.

//Declare our house a yelling free zone and create a plan
on how we’ll do this//

Definitely not perfect, but there’s been progress. One thing that helps cut down on a lot of the yelling and arguing is the fact that we spend a lot less time cleaning since I did a big purge at the beginning of January. I will write a whole blog post about this, but instead of spending our weekends cleaning were able to do a lot more of the fun stuff. And we all know that an unstressed mom is a better mom

//Have bi-weekly date nights with my husband. Whether we go out or do something at home, a time carved out for just the two of us to strengthen our marriage//

This month we went to our favorite pizza place and then to a movie. We also had a few at home dates where we watched a movie after the boys were in bed.

//Continue to create a budget each month and update the budget at least weekly//

January’s budget is completed and February’s is created and ready to go. In February, I really want to focus on looking at the amount I’ve allocated in each category before spending not just logging it after I’ve already bought something.

//Create a house where stuff does not cause chaos. Each
room will only have things we love and all of those things will have a place//

I did a huge purge and organized everything at the beginning of January and it felt great. I threw away and donated SO much stuff and it also made me so much more aware of what we are bringing into our home. Ben’s birthday was Monday and we were super intentional about the gifts we gave him and not just buying presents for the sake of presents. I’ve also been talking to him a lot about experiences over things and it seems to be sinking in. One of the things he asked for was concert tickets to Charlie Puth this summer 🙂

Besides these monthly goal updates, I’m also going to share how I felt at the end of each month. Not only is it a great way to reflect back on the month, but it will also make it easier when I do my 2018 End of the Year Review.

January Feelings: Proud, Accomplished, Hopeful, Settled

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