That De-escalated Quickly

Starting Saturday night and into Sunday we we’re supposed to get freezing rain and 6-10 inches of snow. The freezing rain came, but the prediction of 6-10 inches of snow soon turned to 2-4 inches, which ended up amounting to less than an inch. People were furious with the wrong prediction and the title of this post was a quote on our weather channel’s Facebook page.
I had stocked up on lots of groceries just in case and even took work home thinking we would be stuck at home come Monday. Since I already had everything I needed I made 2 new recipes this weekend. One was a potato soup which I’ll share soon, and the other was a Baked French Toast Casserole from the Pioneer Woman.
I tried to get Ben to snuggle with me, but apparently being 5 means he’s suddenly too cool to do that. At least Jack’s still up for it. In fact, all weekend he hung close to my side. I think he’s starting to go through a little separation anxiety and although I love it that he wants to be with me, it makes getting anything done almost impossible. Who needs to do dishes though?
I guess I’ll hold onto that recipe for snow ice cream I had planned to make. Here’s to hoping I won’t be able to use it until next Winter!

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