• Bucket Lists

    2020 Winter Bucket List

    This year’s winter bucket list looks a little different than our previous lists. We won’t be going to the holiday parade of homes or seeing a live show in the theater but that just means there’s room on the list for a few new things!

  • Bucket Lists

    Winter Bucket List 2019

    I can’t believe Thanksgiving is almost here which means Winter.is.coming. It seems like every year the fall weather gets shorter and shorter and since I can either move or embrace the upcoming season, bring on the cold. Creating a bucket list always gets me excited and gives me something to look forward to so here’s what we plan to do this season.

  • Bucket Lists

    Winter Bucket List 2018

    If you’ve been reading here for any length of time you know I love a good bucket list. Although Summer Bucket Lists are some of my favorites, I’m pretty excited about this Winter Bucket list too. Here’s what we hope to do before Spring rolls around.

  • Life

    That De-escalated Quickly

    Starting Saturday night and into Sunday we we’re supposed to get freezing rain and 6-10 inches of snow. The freezing rain came, but the prediction of 6-10 inches of snow soon turned to 2-4 inches, which ended up amounting to less than an inch. People were furious with the wrong prediction and the title of this post was a quote on our weather channel’s Facebook page. I had stocked up on lots of groceries just in case and even took work home thinking we would be stuck at home come Monday. Since I already had everything I needed I made 2 new recipes this weekend. One was a potato soup…

  • Goals & Resolutions

    Surviving the Polar Plunge

    I wanted to check in and let you know that I did indeed make it through the Polar Plunge. And I even went all the way under. In all honesty, it wasn’t as bad as I expected and the anticipation was almost worse than actually doing it.  All the action shots are on my sister’s camera, so I’ll post those when I get them. Here is a pic of my friend and I before we went in. There were over 400 people that participated this year and I think almost $75,000 was raised for the Special Olympics.