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Winter Bucket List 2018

If you’ve been reading here for any length of time you know I love a good bucket list. Although Summer Bucket Lists are some of my favorites, I’m pretty excited about this Winter Bucket list too. Here’s what we hope to do before Spring rolls around.

Create personal and family resolutions for 2019

Setting goals is super important to me both personally and as a family.

Go tubing in the snow

There is a place a couple of hours from us that lays fake snow and you can ski and tube. I’ve always wanted to go and now that the kids are a little older it seems like the perfect time.

Volunteer at the Food Bank

We’ve done this as a family before and it’s something that’s really important to me. My kids have never known what’s it’s like to go without food and I want them to remember that is not the case for many children.

Make snow pictures with food coloring

I saw this idea on Pinterest and it looked like so much fun!

Try 3 new soup recipes

Who doesn’t love a good soup during the Winter? There are so many that I want to try but I find myself always reaching for the same old ones. Bring on the new soups!

Stay at the Great Wolf Lodge

The boys love to swim during the Summer and miss it so much during the Winter. Ben got a gift card to the GWL for Christmas and is more than excited to check it out.

Bake cookies for our local fire department

With a fire station less than 1 minute from our house, we’ve got no excuse.

Donate, donate, donate

Everything from toys to clothes and even old electronics. If we don’t use it or love it, it goes.

Go Ice Skating

Now that our favorite roller skating rink is closed, we need to give ice skating a try.

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