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Summer Bucket List 2020

I debated whether to even make a bucket list for this summer because 2020 has been one big trash can full of cancelled plans 🙂 Ultimately I decided to forge ahead and we’ll see how much we actually get to do.

1. Camp in the living room

A summer favorite that the boys look forward to every year.

2. Make homemade ice cream

Although we love this strawberry ice cream recipe, I’m excited to try something new.

3. Participate in the Good Karma Book Club

One of my favorite new follows, Carmen, started a virtual book club and the first book is, I’m Still Here: Black Dignity in a World Made for Whiteness. I’m looking forward to reading it but even more excited about the discussions about it.

4. Make a boozy summer lavender drink

I’ve tried a few different lavender drinks recently and can’t wait to recreate my own.

5. Go fishing

Maybe we’ll actually catch something this time.

6. Play tourist in our own state

Obviously we won’t be taking a traditional vacation this year but we can explore our own state, especially all the outdoor parks and activities.

7. Go berry picking

And then decide what to make with all those berries.

8. Watch a drive-in movie

This has been on our bucket list for several summers and yet we’ve never gotten around to doing it. This summer seems like the perfect time especially since regular theaters are closed.

9. Eat meals on the patio

With our patio officially refinished I can’t wait to sit outside and have breakfast, lunch, dinner or all 3 outside!

10. Tie-dye matching shirts

I’m embracing the tie-dye craze and have already made over an old sweatshirt. I can’t wait to try out a new technique and make shirts for the whole family. I’m sure my husband will be thrilled 🙂

11. Complete 3 Acts of Kindness

Coming up with ideas is almost as exciting as actually completing them.

12. Make home-made pizza dough

We LOVE pizza, especially for easy meals during the summer. I’m hope we can find a recipe for the perfect dough.

13. Playroom Makeover

I’m updating the room to look more like an older kid hangout space than a toddler playroom. Hopefully my vision can come to life!


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