Day in Our Life

I always enjoy reading these types of posts so here’s a typical weekday in our house.

6:08am: I hit snooze once then force myself to get into the shower.

6:25am: Get dressed for work and put moisturizer on my face, but I don’t do my hair or makeup yet. I head into Ben’s room and wake him up. 
6:30am: Ben wakes up and asks if it’s a stay home day. I usually try to wake him up around 6:30am on school days because he’s more likely to take a nap at school if I do:)
6:40am: Ben lays on the couch and watches an episode of Scooby Doo while I fix us breakfast. His preschool serves breakfast so sometimes he eats at home and sometimes he eats at school. He’s also been known to eat twice 🙂 
6:50am: Jack is babbling away in his crib and Ben goes in to get him. Almost every morning Ben climbs in the crib and they just lay together and laugh. It’s my favorite part of the morning. After a few minutes of brother time, I come in and get Jack out, change his diaper, and get his breakfast ready.
7:00am: Jack eats some puffs and banana while Ben and I sit next to him and eat our breakfast. While the boys finish eating, I blow dry my hair and do my makeup.
7:10am: The boys finish eating, Jack gets a quick wipe down, and then we go into Jack’s room where the boys for a little bit. Ben reads Jack a book while I respond to some work emails since I will be traveling for clients and won’t have a chance to later. 
7:30am: I’m done with my emails and play with the boys for a little while, then it’s time to get them dressed and ready for school. I lay out Ben’s clothes and he dresses himself while I wrestle and wrangle Jack trying to get him to hold still long enough for me to throw on his clothes.
7:55am: We’re all dressed and ready to go. We take one last picture in which Ben demands his Lego be in, before we head out the door.
8:10am: I drop the boys of at school and hit for a 2 1/2 hours drive to see clients. Sometimes having quiet time by myself to drive is relaxing and sometimes I get bored to death.
8:10am-5:45pm: Client time 

5:45pm: I get back in town in just enough time to pick boys up the boys from school. 
6:00pm: We’re back home and J entertains the boys while I get dinner ready. This night we had ribs that I had prepared the day before and J just had to throw them in the oven. I also heat up a can of baked beans, make a quick salad, and get the oranges and pineapple out of the fridge. 
6:25: Dinner’s ready and we all sit down at the table to eat. Ben eats the salad, beans, and fruit. We make him try the ribs, but he’s not a fan. Jack has more puffs, squash, a little oatmeal cereal (which he hates) and an entire container of Dole’s all natural mandarin oranges fruit cups. He loves these oranges.  
6:45pm: Everyone’s done eating and I immediately take Jack to the bath since he’s covered in food. J gets Ben’s shower started and starts cleaning up the kitchen. Ben is old enough to wash himself and J checks to make sure he’s actually clean and gets all the soap off. 
7:00pm. I get Jack out of the bath and lather him in lotion, brush his hair, and put on his pjs. He hangs out on the couch with J and looks at pictures of animals while Ben finishes up his shower and I pick up around the house. 
7:20pm: Ben’s out of the shower and puts his pajamas on. I make Jack’s bottle and then take him to his room where I feed and rock him. While I’m putting Jack to bed, J and Ben have their special time together. This night they played on the Wii U, but hide and seek is also a favorite.
7:35pm: Jack is asleep so I watch the boys play. 
7:45pm, 8:00pm, 8:15pm: Jack is restless tonight since he took a late nap at school. At about 8:15pm he finally settles down and drifts off to sleep.
8:30pm: It’s time for Ben to go to bed and he says goodnight to daddy, gets a drink of water, brushes his teeth, and picks out a book to read. We climb into his bed and read a chapter about Iron Man from this superhero book my sister got him for his birthday. He loves this book and we have read it every night since his birthday in January. I love this time together where it’s just the two of us.
8:45pm: I turn on Ben’s music and we pray. He always wants me to pray first and then his pray ends up pretty similar to mine. This night he added “thank you for letting me play Wii,” and “thanks for helping my brother stop crying.” He ends his prayer with “I love you God.” After a big hug and kiss, it’s lights out.
8:50pm: I finish picking up around the house and start a load of laundry. I catch up on Facebook and read some blogs and J goes to his office downstairs to work for a couple of hours. On nights he doesn’t work, we hang out on the couch together.
9:50pm: I turn off most of the lights around the house, drink a glass of water, brush my teeth, and head to bed. I watch a little bit of tv and listen to Jack toss and turn on the baby monitor, but he doesn’t get up. I usually put on something that I can fall asleep to like Everybody Loves Raymond or King of Queens.
11:30pm: Like clockwork, Jack is up and ready for a bottle. He eats and I change his diaper, then it’s back to bed for both of us.
3:30am: Jack’s up for the second and last time of the night. J is a total night owl and just got done working so since he’s up, he takes care of Jack and I go back to sleep.
6:10am: Wake up for the day and do it all over again:)

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