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Creating & Using a Home Binder

You might be wondering what exactly a home binder is and why you need one? A home binder is simply one central place to store/organize various documents and important information such as bills, insurance info, and even important dates like birthdays. By keeping all this information in one place, you know exactly where you can find it and trust me, it will make your life so much simpler.

Over the years, I’ve tried just about every home binder/management system you can think of. I’ve used one big binder, separate binders for each category, pre-made systems, you name it, and none have really worked for me or my family. So a couple of weekends ago I said enough, got my life organized, and created a big ole home binder that finally makes me feel like I have everything I need in one place.

What I Used:
I started by purchasing a 2 inch binder with a plastic sleeve front as well as these adorable dividers from the dollar spot at Target. Each pack came with 5 dividers and I bought two sets. Aren’t these adorable?!?

Then I did what I always do and scoured Pinterest for the best free printables. Some I had used in the past, others I just stumbled upon. If you haven’t heard of Emily Ley you need to head over to her blog or Instagram now! She has a variety of free printables on her website and I used her 2016 At A Glance calendar as the first thing you see when you open the binder. I also got her Simplified Planner earlier this year and I’m OBSESSED.

Next, I organized all of our important papers into areas that worked for us. Remember, this is your binder so think about what all you will be using it for. After everything was sorted these were the categories I ended up having:
-Life Insurance
-Health Insurance
-All Things Auto (insurance, tire information, important receipts, etc)
-Recipes (includes a list of favorites and ones I want to try)
-Mind Dump
*I have a BIG separate binder for all things house including mortgage papers, zoning info, homeowners association stuff, etc. That is such a huge category that it needs it’s own separate space*
Once all the categories were decided, I broke out the label maker and 3 hole punch and put everything in it’s place and shredded what I didn’t need anymore.
And that’s it! Everything you need all in one place and a place for everything.
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