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2016 Resolutions {3 Month Update}

It’s March which means we’re already a quarter of the way through 2016! I thought I’d do an update on my resolutions for this year which also helps keep me in check and refocus on my goals.

1. Continue to try new recipes and branch out in the kitchen.
Thanks to Pinterest I’ve tried some great and not so great recipes. I also hope to make an ongoing list of favorites that I can go to when I’m feeling uninspired or can’t think of anything to make for dinner.

2. Travel, travel, and more travel. Whether it’s close by or far away. See something new.
Spring break’s at the end of this month so I’m hoping to do some day trips close by. We also still need to plan our family vacation for the year.

3. Grow this blog.
Work in progress…

4. Create a better nighttime and morning routine with both the kids and myself. We’ve gotten way too relaxed with these and the lack of order and organization tends to create more stressful bedtimes and mornings.
Both are an improvement from what they used to be, but there’s still lots of room to improve. I’m looking at you homework time.

5. Continue paying down our debt. I paid off one student loan completely this past year and I’m coming for the rest of them.
Why can’t I spend all our money at Home Goods? But since I can’t were chugging right along on this one.

6. 12 acts of kindness for strangers. I’ve got some great, simple ideas from Pinterest so there really is no excuse. And man it feels good to give.
I’ve done a few of these such as put money in an expired meter, bought someone’s drink, etc but I really want to get the kids involved more. I also printed some random act of kindness cards to use and have some ideas for those.

7.  Have family game night once a week.
Do dance parties count? And we’ve also been playing a Wii U game together almost every night before bed. 

8. Go an entire month without repeating a single outfit. And for heaven’s sake-get a new full length mirror.
With Spring right around the corner I’m thinking that would be a great time to tackle this one. I’ve also been on the lookout for a mirror but haven’t found anything I love that didn’t cost an arm and leg. 

9. Do thoughtful, unexpected things for the husband.
I got him a new Apple watch band that he wasn’t expecting but besides that I’ve kinda sucked with this one.

10. Workout 4 times a week and no soda for an entire month. Much more doable than an entire year.
Soda goal done!! And it honestly wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Now to work on the working out…

11. Strive to be the best mom I can be. Better not perfect.
Work in progress.

12. Pray more, ask for less. Have time with the Word daily.
I was doing so good getting up and doing She Reads Truth and then completely fell off the wagon. Get it together Cortney.

13. Finish decorating the house.
Slowly but surely. I finished the laundry room this past weekend because why not?!? Off all the rooms this had the lowest priority but I’m glad it’s done and organized. I actually don’t hate going in there now. I’ve also decided we’re just going to hire someone to finish painting the main living area or else it will never get done. 

14. Figure out a better allowance system for Ben.
We’ve tried a couple different things and stick with them for a little while but then both of us loose interest. What do you all use?

15. More cooking at home, less eating out.
We’re doing pretty good with this one. I’ve noticed that making a plan is huge and if I don’t have one I’m way more likely to just grab something than cook.

And that’s it. How are you all doing with your resolutions?

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