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10 on Tuesday: Long Hair Edition

I’m so excited to linking up for Karli’s first 10 on Tuesday so let’s get right to it.

10 Reasons I Hate Having Long Hair

1. Blowing drying it takes foorreevveeerrr.
2. I’m not one of those girls who has mastered the cute messy bun.
3. Or the top knot.
4. I always run out of conditioner first.
5. So much hair in the shower, in my brush, and I’m sure clogging our drains.
6. No matter how long it gets, it’s never long enough to do a side fishtail braid. How do you girls do it?
7. Highlighting & coloring takes 3x as long and costs 2x as much.
8. Static. Especially when wearing sweaters.
9. It’s way too tempting to throw it in a pony tail with a headband creating that I just worked out look when in fact, I did not work out.
10. See number one.

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  • Kenzie Smith

    I can relate to so many of these when I had my long hair! I got so frustrated one day I literally chopped it off myself. The worst for me was sitting on my hair, my hair rolling up in the seat belt, and managing to roll it up in the car window or shutting it in the car door.

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