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2022 Resolutions

I know there are some people who don’t place special value in a new year or new year’s resolutions but I am not one of those people. I love the excitement of a new year, new possibilities, and a fresh start to refocus on what’s important. With that being said, I also think you can make resolutions without the self-imposed pressure of perfection. Here are my 2022 resolutions and I’d love to know yours if you made some!

1. Complete a You Do You 82 Challenge

2. Take a class on investing through Personal Finance Club

3. Organize photos in iPhoto albums each month

4. Blog 2x a week

5. Complete 100 Peloton rides

6. Read 50 books

7. Establish a chore chart with the boys and actually enforce it 🙂

8. Prioritize my skincare routine

9. Makeover the playroom into more of a hangout space

10. Stay on top of laundry

11. Take 3 family vacations

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