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    2022 Resolutions

    I know there are some people who don’t place special value in a new year or new year’s resolutions but I am not one of those people. I love the excitement of a new year, new possibilities, and a fresh start to refocus on what’s important. With that being said, I also think you can make resolutions without the self-imposed pressure of perfection. Here are my 2022 resolutions and I’d love to know yours if you made some!

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    2019 Goals & Resolutions

    Happy New Year! 2018 was a great year and it went by way too fast. Although I’m sad to see it go, I’m also really excited for what this next year holds. I posted recently on Instagram the importance of setting goals and being intentional. There is something very powerful and very freeing about taking control of your own life.  For 2019 I’ve got a whole new set of resolutions and this year I’m breaking them into a few different categories to keep them more organized.

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    A Fresh Start | 2018 Resolutions

    For the first time in several years I can’t say I’m sad to see a year end. 2017 was a doozy. It was honestly one of the most challenging years of my life. When I look back at my resolutions from last January, I left a lot unaccomplished. And that doesn’t feel great.

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    A New Year {2017}

    Happy New Year! I took lots of time off from blogging in December and it was a nice break, but I’m glad to be back. I love the start of a new year. The excitement of another 365 days to live, do, and be anything is awaiting us. Last year I chose JOY as my word that I wanted to represent the upcoming year. This year I’m choosing the word EMBRACE. People, chaos, things not in my control, the peace that comes with saying no, and new experiences. I’m choosing to embrace life, whatever it may bring. And because my list loving self also needs specific resolutions, here they are. one. Travel.…

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    A New Year {2016}

    Man I love the start of a new year and all that comes with it. 365 days ahead to do, be, and live better than ever before. No year will be perfect, but it’s my hope that 2016 will be just as great if not better than the past. Some years I make broad resolutions and others more specific. Last year I was a little too ambitious and to be honest no one likes not meeting their goals. This year I’m still making resolutions, but I’m taking inspiration from Elise and choosing a word that I want to represent this upcoming year and that word is… JOY We can all use a little more…