Catching Up & Our First Fall Festival

How was everyone’s weekend? Although ours was pretty productive, it still feels like I got nothing done when I look at my to do list. Does this happen to anyone else? 
Last week Ben had his 4 year Well Child check-up and they decided to go ahead and give him his kindergarten shots as well as the flu shot. He was not happy. And along with the shots came a nice little fever that afternoon. 102.8 to be exact. He ended up staying home with J on Thursday and we though he was back to his squirrelly, fever free self. Wouldn’t you know I got a call from his school Friday afternoon that he had a fever again. Despite the fever he seemed to be feeling fine so we made the decision to go ahead and go to our first fall festival of the season. I’m so glad we did because he never had any other symptoms and the fever never returned. And despite the fever, of course I will continue to vaccinate. 
The Fun Fest is held at my old elementary school and they have lots of games and activities for kids. Ben’s loved running the bases at the cake walk.
Getting his hair spray painted was his absolute favorite part!
While Ben played games, Jack did what he does best. Sucked on his fingers and smiled at people.
Saturday was cold and rainy so we spent the day just hanging out at home. Ben tattled to J at least 5 times that I said we were staying home all day. This kid loves to be busy and apparently a trip to the grocery store and bank earlier that morning wasn’t enough adventure. 
By Sunday morning Ben was dying to get out of the house so we stopped by Chuck E. Cheese.
After a gallon of sanitizer, a hot shower, and dinner, we all went to bed early. And germ free.

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