Crush Fest 2017

Fall and festivals go hand in hand and each year we try to go to as many as possible. We love festivals so much that they always end up on our fall bucket list and Crush Fest is no exception. This was our second year attending and while 87 degree temps aren’t the ideal fall temperature, we still had fun.Les Bourgeios Crush Festival

Unlike last year, we didn’t actually stomp any grapes due to an abundance of swarming bees. I’m not sure if it was the warmer weather or what but they were everywhere.Crush Festival Grape Stomping Crush Fest Boys painting pumpkins at festival

There were activities, adult beverages for us, grape juice for the kids, and a perfect view of the Missouri river.View of Missouri River Les Bourgeois View of Missouri River in fallCrush Festival Woman and sons at Les Bourgeois Winery

See you next year Crush Fest! Linking up with Annie for Thoughts on Thursday.

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