DIY Paint With Ice Cubes

What better time to update our Summer Bucket list now that we’re officially in the heart of fall. Better late than never right? To read the original bucket list click here.
  1. Glow in the dark sticks in the bathtub. This one is for Ben although somehow I think the kid inside of J might also want to do this. 
  2. Go camping. Even if it’s in our own backyard.
  3. Have a picnic. This one may need to be indoors if it doesn’t get below 100 soon.
  4. Make an obstacle course out of paper streamers.
  5. Fly a kite.
  6. Paint with ice cubes.
  7. Have a spray water bottle fight
  8. Go on a picture scavenger hunt.
  9. Go fishing.
  10. Relax. Let Ben stay up a little later. Enjoy quality time as a family.
6/10 ain’t bad. 
Our final Summer project was of course another Pinterest Idea. 

Ice Cube Paint

What You Need:
-Washable acrylic paint
-1 ice cub or popsicle tray
-1 small paintbrush

What To Do:
1. Using the paintbrush, place a few drops of paint in the bottom of an ice cube or popsicle mold
2. Fill the container to the top with water
 3. Stir the paint and water together with the paintbrush

4. If using an ice cube tray, place in the freezer until solid. If using a popsicle mold, place the stick inside the water and then place the tray in the freezer. *You may want to spray the tray with a non-stick spray. Some of the popsicle molds did not pop out very easily.
5. Once the cubes are frozen solid, remove and have fun painting!
Daddy painted with us too. Can you guess which one he did:)

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