Life Lately + Cloud Dough

First off, to the lady at the gas station today. No, you can’t leave your one year old in the car while you go into the gas station. Yes, I will say something to you. No, I’m not afraid to call the police or your threat to beat my ass. I mean seriously. Is it pain to drag your kid into the gas station? Yes. But the alternative is your kid getting snatched or hurt which isn’t great either. Good thing I was in my running shoes. I’m fairly certain I could have out run her.
Ok, end of rant.
This past weekend we went with the my sister and her family to see The Lorax and Ben sat through the entire movie! I thought the movie was cute, a little slow in some parts, but a great message. The Lorax and animals were pretty darn cute.
I love this giraffe scarf I wore this weekend.
Ben’s preschool class made cloud dough a few weeks ago and it was all he could talk about. After a quick search on Google I found a recipe for it and we whipped some up. If you want to make your own I’ve included the recipe below.
What You Need:
-4 cups flour
-1/2 cup baby oil
-Food coloring optional
Just combine all the ingredients and stir. I will warn you it’s extremely messy and I swear I’m still sweeping it up days later. This would make a great outdoor activity.

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