4 Years Ago

4 years ago yesterday, J and I welcomed the most precious baby boy. To say he has changed our lives doesn’t even begin to describe it. Ben was definitely a surprise, but the best, most life changing surprise.
There is nothing like watching your child grow into their own little person. Ben is strong willed, opinionated, ornery, and has a heart full of love. There’s not a day that goes by that he doesn’t make us laugh. This was the first year he got to plan every aspect of his birthday. From his actual party to what he wanted to do on the actual day, he had an opinion about it all.
Ben is smart beyond words and always asking questions as to how or why something is the way it is. I hope he never loses that desire to learn.

I can’t wait to see him become a big brother. He is already so caring and protective of the little baby in my belly. He always wants to rub it and asks if his brother is still growing and when he gets to come out.

Even though this age can be a challenge at times, I can’t imagine my life without him. No matter how old he is, he will always be my little baby.
January 29, 2009
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