3 Ingredient Chalk Paint

Looking for something easy and fun for both kids and adults? This is it. I loved painting with this stuff almost more than my son did. And you probably already have all 3 things you need in your kitchen right now.
What You’ll Need:

-2 cups cornstarch
-2 cups cold water
-Food coloring
(This made 6 small cups of paint)

You can also bust out some old paintbrushes you have lying around or pick up some super cheap ones from the store. Don’t have any? Don’t worry. Finger painting’s always fun too!

1. Mix the corn starch and water in a large bowl. The cornstarch will be hard at first, but keep mixing and the water will absorb.

2. Pour the mixture into individual cups or bowls. I used small plastic cups to make clean up super easy.
3. Add the food coloring to create desired colors.
4. Paint your masterpiece. You may need to stir the paint occasionally and make sure to throw it out once you’re done as it doesn’t keep well.

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