5 on Friday

Friday, Friday

Let’s get right to it!

This summer has absolutely flown by. I thought we had a few more weeks left until I really sat down and looked at the calendar and realized Ben starts school a week from Tuesday. Hopefully I’ll still be able to get to most of the things on this list.

Every morning when I get ready Jack watches me use my eye lash curler and is infatuated. So when he found his brother’s play-doh tool, he went straight for my eyeballs. To his defense, it did kind of look like an eye lash curler.

How good do these look? The perfect twist on a classic rice crispy treat. I have a feeling I’ll be snagging all the ingredients on my trip to the grocery store this weekend.

Looking for an activity to do this weekend? Don’t forget to check out this post from yesterday on how to make 3 Ingredient Chalk Paint. I promise it’s equally as fun for adults as it is kids.

I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed lately with my to-do lists. I’m thinking I need to start doing them differently or finding another way to write everything down. Pinterest is full of ideas and I may have to check this one out this weekend. Hopefully a new list will make me super productive! How do you write your list? Do you prioritize? Do one list for each day? Help!
Have a wonderful weekend!
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