Life Lately

Thanks to the hubs, my mac is finally updated with the newest OS, I have lots more free space, and I still have all two million pictures of my kids so I’m a happy gal.

If photo dumps are your thing, then you came to the right place.

Our favorite Mexican place has a great outdoor patio on a lake and the kids love feeding the fish and ducks tortilla chips sans salsa of course.

Mowing obsession. Again, the blade was up-no worries.
Awesome is right. And pretty darn cute.
I was out of town a few days last week for work. After the conference one night I headed to a Marshalls/Homegoods right down the road from my hotel. I forgot how nice it is to leisurely try on clothes without the kids trying to crawl under the changing room door to sneak a pic of the lady next to me.
Dinner in a hotel bed is the best.

I also stopped in at a Once Upon a Child consignment shop. This store was way overwhelming and pretty overpriced. Have you all ever shopped at one? What did you think?

You can’t eat at the Cheesecake Factory without cheesecake. Anybody else separate the cake from the crust? Not a huge graham cracker crust fan.
I ended up scoring this dress from Marshalls for like $20. Bonus, it’s super comfy. Sorry for the horrible hotel lighting.
I also snagged this planner as well and I’m so excited it’s good until the end of 2016!
The night I got back from my trip, we headed to J’s aunt’s house to celebrate his late grandpa’s birthday. We  try to do a balloon release every year and eat his favorite food (pepperoni pizza).

Tried out a new (to us) pastry place in town. I sadly didn’t get to try one before they were gone.
We celebrated my sweet niece turning the big 0-6 at Chuck E Cheese.
This past Saturday we went to a nearby “beach,” which is really an old rock quarry that was turned into a beach and swimming area. I also managed to cross an item off my bucket list when I jumped from the 15 foot cliff. Even crazier was that little dare devil Ben did too. 
*Safety note: This was a designated jumping spot with verified depths, a lifeguard watching jumpers, and of course my child was in a life jacket. I would never and I would never let my child jump into waters where the depth wasn’t clearly marked or if the situation seemed unsafe in any way. Safety first:)
Caught using every.last.wipe.
Big brother thought it would be fun to give him “chests.” Lord help me.

So that’s what we’ve been up to. Cliff jumping, cheesecake eating, and shoving balloons down our pjs. Them, not me.


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