Weekend Recap


And here we are at Monday again. Poor Jack’s been battling a nasty fever, cough, and just feeling like crap. He managed to stay fever free this weekend for the first time all week so I’m hoping (fingers crossed) that he’s on the up and up.

Friday night we went to a hibachi restaurant to celebrate my sister’s birthday. Jack was fascinated with the fire and onion volcano although our chef may have either been new or drunk as he managed to drop and crack 3 eggs during a trick where he was supposed to catch an egg in his hat making dinner even more entertaining than usual.
As part of my sister’s present I picked up this candle from Kohls. Have any of you seen these? This one smelled amazing and is perfect for Summer. The thing that really sold me on it though was that once the candle is burned, you can reuse the jar for baking mini desserts, dips, etc.
Saturday was spent outside putting out new mulch (me), mowing the yard (J), and countless laps around the cut-de-sac (kids). We also got to meet our neighbors new Goldendoodle which we fell instantly in love with. It was SO soft and I hear that breed doesn’t shed. Ben really really wants a dog and Jack’s getting to the age where he’s not as scared of them so as I told them, we’ll see 🙂
Sunday was rainy and cool which made for the perfect day to clean house, catch up on laundry, and hang around at home. 
Have a great week!
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