Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap

My pasty white skin actually got a little color this weekend thanks to 80 degree temps which was great, but also made me realize I need to run out and pick up some sunless tanner. Stat. 

Besides blinding people, I’ve also been stealing my kids popsicles and hiding them in the back of the freezer because these Jolly Rancher ones are so darn good. Anyone else do this?
Friday evening was pretty uneventful. I had a feeling you all didn’t want to see my trip to the grocery store and boy was I right.
Saturday morning started with our usual breakfast of bagels/cinnamon rolls/donuts (not all at once, we switch out each weekend). I also cleaned out the million toys, food wrappers, and random socks my kids manage to leave in my car on a daily basis and then took my car to be professionally cleaned and detailed. Those guys earn every.single.dollar they make.
Saturday evening we went to the scrimmage game for the Missouri Tigers football team where we managed to make it one and a fourth quarters before the boys were ready to leave. #goodthingitwasfree
Lakeside margaritas and Mexican food after the game.
Sunday morning Jack slept in until 9 and once everyone was awake we tackled some spring cleaning of the bedrooms and closets. Ben had his first baseball practice of the season which I failed to get a picture of but he did great and has improved so much since last season. After practice it was more time outside riding bikes, going to the park, and BBQ-ing followed up by ice cream and early baths and bedtimes for all.

And last but not least. I’m loving the look of Keds or Converse for Summer. What I love even more are these ones from Walmart. The same look for a fraction of the price. These are under $7 you guys. $7!!! I wanted to try them out and see how comfortable they were before buying more colors and I’m happy to report I’ll be snatching up a few more pairs pronto.

Hope you all have a wonderful Monday!
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