Strawberry Lemon Sangria

 This refreshing, light, and not too sweet sangria is perfect for any occasion and super simple to make.

What You’ll Need: (adapted from here)
-1 lb strawberries (cut in halves)
-2 lemons (thinly sliced, seeds removed)
-1 apple; I prefer Honeycrisp (seeds removed, cut in chunks)
-4 pack of small (187 ml) bottles in White Zinfandel 
-1/2 c light rum
-4 cups Sprite/Sierra Mist
WhatYou’ll Do:
Ready for the directions? Cut fruit and add to pitcher or canister. Add wine, rum, and Sprite. Chill and serve. Hard right?
I may have caught my husband eating the fruit in the middle of the night. After he drank the rest of the sangria. It’s that good.

Linking up with Alesha for Delicious Dish Tuesday.

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