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Weekend Recap {Valentine’s Day + President’s Day}

Man it’s tough having to get back into our regular schedule after having a long weekend especially since our Valentine’s Day weekend was pretty darn perfect minus a few times I needed a slight time out from the kids.

The kids both had parties at school and it doesn’t get much cuter than seeing little kids open all their valentines from friends. I was pretty proud of our homemade valentines this year, but let me tell you, some parents went all out. You can definitely tell it’s the age of Pinterest.

Saturday night J and I watched No Escape before going out for a late (9:30pm) dinner at our favorite steak house. If it wasn’t for v-day and the fact that a delicious meal was involved I’d normally be asleep by 9:30. Both the movie and dinner were fantastic. 
I headed out in the fresh snow early Sunday morning to pick up the kids from my MIL’s house and the rest of the day we relaxed at home and I didn’t do nearly as much laundry as I needed to. J and I continued our valentine’s day celebration with flowers for me, booze for him, and take out sushi and The Walking Dead after the kids went to bed.
The kids and I were off Monday for President’s day and J didn’t have to work until that afternoon so I took full advantage and hit up the gym before we headed out to lunch where I had a salad that unfortunately looked better than it actually tasted. Side note: check out my Instagram to find out where and how much I got this workout outfit for. You’ll never guess!
We ended the day with a yet to be played with Christmas present that despite being called a “chocolate bar maker” requires you to have actually already have chocolate on hand?!?
And that’s a wrap, Happy Hump Day!

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