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Friday, Friday

Happy Valentine’s Weekend! Take some time this weekend to show a little extra love and definitely make sure to use this holiday as an excuse to eat all the heart shaped candy so you can shove in your mouth. I took today off since Ben’s out of school for a teacher’s workday and I’m off Monday as well for President’s Day so it’s a 4 day weekend for me! Here’s to hoping we’re not ready to kill each other by the end.

I’m linking up with my usual gals AmandaKarliChristina, & Astleigh to bring you my five from this week.

Did anybody else get their free Chipotle burrito from earlier this week? Chipotle’s nation wide were closed on Monday to address this little issue so the restaurant offered a free burrito coupon if you sent them a text. We tried to redeem our burrito last night but apparently everyone in our town also had that idea and the line was crazier than it normally is. Guess we’ll be waiting.

Excuse the RBF. I almost didn’t post this pic, but for the sake of keeping it real and for those of you who don’t know anyone that has RBF, here ya go. Besides my scowl, I wore my thrift store sweater (along with my MK lipgloss I can’t get enough of) to work this week and I’m in love with that button detailing.
Honey crisp apples. Can’t stop, won’t stop eating them. Literally. Even at $10 for 3 apples. Ahhh.
I made these Valentine’s for Ben’s party yesterday and they were a hit with both the boys and girls in his class. There have definitely been years where I’ve bought the store bought cards and called it a day but with so many cute ideas and FREE printables on Pinterest I couldn’t resist whipping up something different. 

I came across this picture on Pinterest and just loved how it was drawn in, worn, and obviously thoroughly used. Isn’t this how all of our bibles should look?

Happy Friday!!


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