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Friday Five

Friday could not come fast enough this week. Work has been kicking my butt and it’s not about to slow down. But I’ve got a 3 day weekend coming up and I’m going to saver every minute of it.


I have the Solar Eclipse to thank for this 3 day weekend. We happen to live right in the path of totality so it’s a pretty big thing around here. Our city is expecting 400,000+ visitors so I’m sure it will be crazy. Although school is in session, kids are excused if they want to stay home so we’re going to view the event as a family. Hopefully we don’t burn our retinas off since I have yet to get glasses and most places are sold out.Path of Totality Solar Eclipse


I painted this periwinkle color on my nails after seeing it on several other people. I loved it on them but not sure how I feel about it on me???Friday Five Periwinkle Nail Color


School started back this week and I can’t believe I have a third grader. Especially since I look so young 🙂 Ben has changed so much in one year.Friday Five first day 3rd grade

First day of 2nd grade. Boy first day 2nd grade


Anyone else tired of every single thing in their closet? I’m dreaming of a whole new wardrobe and all the fall pieces. I’ll also take this girl’s legs.
Friday Five fall outfit inspiration


With the weekend coming up make sure you check out my 5 Must Watch Documentaries on Netflix. They are so good y’all.5 Must Watch Documentaries on Netflix

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!! Linking up with AmandaLiz, and Momfessionals

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