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And the Oscar Goes To…

This year I decided to host my first and hopefully annual Oscar Party. The theme was “Leave the dressing up to the stars.”
Nominee ballots for the guests to fill out. Competition got very fierce as there was a prize up for grabs.
All the yummy food.
I love to get creative with the names for dishes so we had the following:
Angelina’s “I’ll Steal Your Man” Artichoke Dip
DeNiro’s “Don’t Mess with Me” Deli Sandwiches
M. Night’s Mini Pizzas
Kate Winslet’s “Cup-kates”
Tom Hanks’ “Hunk a Hunk a Cheese”
Clint Eastwoods “Knock You Dead” Cosmos
Although there were lots of mixed reviews about this years Oscars, I thought it was pretty good. Did anyone else feel like James Franco was about to fall asleep during the whole show? Wake up dude, you’re hosting the Oscars!
In order to avoid a long rambling of the actual show here are my main thoughts. Anne Hathaway looked stunning.
Mila Kunis looked stunning.
I love Amy Adams just like everyone else, but her dress was not flattering.
I loved the song about the movies done in Autotune and thought it was brilliant and funny. 
Did you all watch the Oscars? What did you think?

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