The New Mr. & Mrs.

 J and I just got back from a fun filled weekend in Kansas City for my friend Adi’s wedding. The wedding was Friday night so J and I packed up and hit the road Friday afternoon. Five minutes after we left the house the tornado siren’s sounded, the wind picked up, and rain started pouring down so needless to say it was a nerve racking 2 hour drive, but we made it safe and sound.
Our friends Matt and Mallory met us at the hotel and we got the chance to hang out and catch up with them before the wedding. Adi got married in a small suburb outside of the city with only 2 hotel choices so don’t mind the ugly and out of date curtains in the background.
The wedding and reception were in the same venue which made it super convenient. Adi and her new husband are on their way to Jamaica and I could not be more jealous. And more happy for them.
Saturday morning J and I got up fairly early, ate breakfast at the hotel, and then planned to go the plaza.When we stepped outside in the 30 degree weather however, we decided walking on the plaza in the cold didn’t sound like fun so we explored Barnes & Nobble and grabbed some lunch.
After lunch we went to Cargo Largo which is a large warehouse full of all kinds of things from home goods, clothes, electronics, kids stuff, and even furniture. Anytime packages containing merchandise gets damaged, even if the merchandise itself isn’t damaged, that inventory goes to stores like these. For example, if a delivery truck containing goods going to Pottery Barn gets in an accident, all the goods in that truck that aren’t severely damaged or unusable goes to Cargo Largo. Pretty sweet.
We ended the weekend by seeing this movie and snuggling our sweet boy.

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