• Kids

    Spiderman 4th Birthday Party

    Ben turned four on January 29th and we celebrated the weekend before with a Spiderman party.  Ben’s uncle and cousin Even with a playroom full of toys, balloons were still the most fun to play with. With each gift that Ben unwrapped, the kids moved closer and closer to him. It’s hard to watch someone else unwrap all those presents:) Excited for everyone to sing happy birthday and blow out his candles. And then getting a little embarrassed. Ben and his great grandma Gigi. J’s mom. My parents. By then, Spiderman just had to change into his costume.

  • Life

    Our Very Own Luau

    After a rough start to our weekend, a little luau bbq was just what we needed and my parent’s graciously offered to throw us a laid back engagement party at their house. Of course Mrs. Bojangles was there. And Mr. Bojangles himself. My sweet friend Molly over at Molly’s Musings who drove home late and in the dark just so she could make it to the party. Brooke & I. Without her I would not survive work. Of course, Ben loved all the attention. Thank you to all of our friends and family for all of your support and love. We love you all!

  • Movies & Podcasts

    And the Oscar Goes To…

    This year I decided to host my first and hopefully annual Oscar Party. The theme was “Leave the dressing up to the stars.” Nominee ballots for the guests to fill out. Competition got very fierce as there was a prize up for grabs. All the yummy food. I love to get creative with the names for dishes so we had the following: Angelina’s “I’ll Steal Your Man” Artichoke Dip DeNiro’s “Don’t Mess with Me” Deli Sandwiches M. Night’s Mini Pizzas Kate Winslet’s “Cup-kates” Tom Hanks’ “Hunk a Hunk a Cheese” Clint Eastwoods “Knock You Dead” Cosmos Although there were lots of mixed reviews about this years Oscars, I thought it…

  • Kids

    A Yo Gaba Gaba Birthday

    After all the planning and preparation, Ben’s birthday party was a success. Everyone seemed to have fun and most importantly the birthday boy had a blast. With Ben’s obsession with Yo Gaba Gaba, I knew that we had no choice but to have a character themed birthday this year. Wide awake and ready to celebrate. Enjoying a special heart shaped breakfast. After breakfast we spent the morning playing, picking up cake, and finishing up last minute details for the party. Then it was time for a nap and when Ben woke up, the party began. All the delicious food. It’s always pretty stressful at the last minute finishing up all…