DIY Paper Streamer Obstacle Course

Let’s see how we’re doing on the list shall we?

1. Glow in the dark sticks in the bathtub
2. Go camping. Even if it’s in our own
3. Have a picnic. This one may need to be
indoors if it doesn’t get below 100 soon.
4. Make an obstacle course out of paper
5. Fly a kite.
6. Paint with ice cubes.
7. Have a spray water bottle fight.
8. Go on a picture scavenger hunt.
9. Go fishing.
10. Relax.
Quite a few things are crossed off and we have a few more to go. I’m offically crossing off #10, but we’ll continue to do this of course:)
The latest item to be tackled on our list was the Paper Streamer Obstacle Course. When I told J about this he seemed to think Ben would think it was lame. Boy was he wrong.
To create the obstacle course all you need is paper streamers and tape. I made start and finish signs and then got to hanging. I tried to hang them so that Ben had to go over some and under some.
I set up the course while J gave Ben a bath. Ben was so excited when he came out that he didn’t even want to put his pajamas on. Luckily I convinced him it would only take a second or else you would have seen lots of naked bum pictures.
And he’s off…
This was such a fun, simple activity and Ben must have gone through it about 20 times. 

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