DIY Wedding Card Keepsake Book

First, please excuse the horrible picture quality. I was all snuggled in on the couch with my materials laid out and didn’t want to get up and get the big camera. Or apparently turn on the light.
Second, I made this with materials I already had on hand. Looking back I would have gotten some new scrapbook paper and stickers and made it a little prettier. Maybe one day.
When J and I got married we got the sweetest cards with the most wonderful notes, blessings, and words of encouragement for our marriage. I wanted a way to keep all the cards together in one place and after browsing Pinterest, I came across this idea.
What You Need:
-Cardstock to create a cover
-Hole punch
What to Do:
1. Start by printing off the cover for your book. I just printed our names, date, and who the cards were from. I cut it out so that the cover was just a little bigger than the largest card.
2. Hole punch one card with two holes. Make sure the holes are about an inch in from the edge of the card to avoid the holes ripping.
3. Use that card as a template and hole punch the rest of the cards. 
4. Next, string heavy duty ribbon through all the cards. 
5. Tie both the top and bottom ribbons into a bow.
6. And whalaa! All your wedding cards are bound in one spot. I put the book in a large hat box with all our other wedding momentos.

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