St. Patrick’s Day Weekend

Our St. Patrick’s Day weekend was the perfect mix of getting things done and relaxation. This is one of the first weekends in a while that didn’t seem to fly by.

On Friday Ben had a party at school. We switched pre-schools last Summer and it was the best decision we could have ever made. He loves it, the school always does fun activities, they have class parties for every “holiday” and almost all the parents come to them. 
His St. Patty’s outfit, complete with socks and all.
I made these mini shamrock brownie bites to bring to the party.
That night our town turned on one their big outside fountains. They had a folk band, clowns, balloons, and bubbles. J had to finish some work so my parents went with Ben and I.
Saturday morning we woke up bright and early and I ran in the Shamrock 5k.
Ben was my cheerleader and just like when I ran my 1/2 marathon he screamed, “Go momma, go!” as I came into the finish.
That afternoon, a tiny little green man scurried about our house. He peed in the toilet, turned the water green, and helped himself to some milk and lucky charms, before leaving a few gold coins and running off.
He also left his picture on our cereal box, that sneaky little leprechaun.
The weekend ended with this rainbow Sunday morning. Now if only I could have figured out where that pot of gold was.

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  • MalloryBo

    I didn't see that rainbow, but how cool that it would appear St. Patty's day weekend! Your weekend posts always make me excited about all the fun things we will get to do with Silas when he is older.

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