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Holy Hunger Games

Y’all. I cannot wait to see the Hunger Games.
It took me a little longer than others to get into this book series. They were so hyped up that I was afraid I would be disappointed and I’m so glad I wasn’t. After finishing the first book, I waited about a week or so before I bought the second one, Catching Fire.

I bought Catching Fire last Saturday afternoon and by Sunday afternoon I had finished it.
Now on to the last one, Mockingjay.
What will I do when I finish this one? Have you read anything that’s just as good?

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  • Molly D

    Mockingjay is good but be prepared for a rushed finish (that's how both my mom and I felt at least). I'm on the hunt for a new series, so I'll let you know if I find anything Hunger Games worthy…though I'm fairly convinced I'll NEVER find anything Harry Potter worthy.

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