Our Very Hungry Caterpillar: Jack’s 1st Birthday

For our little food lover, The Very Hungry Caterpillar seemed fitting for his first birthday party. We kept the party small and invited just family and of course, “Aunt Alissa.” We had deli sandwiches and foods from the book that the little caterpillar eats throughout the week. The cake was super cute and really easy to serve since it was a cupcake cake. A local bakery has made each one of Ben’s birthday cakes and we are continuing the tradition with Jack.

Jack was spoiled rotten and got lots of presents including tons of books which is perfect since he is obessed, especially touch and feel ones. We had so much fun at the party that all 3 boys ended up passing out after all the guests had left.
Happy Birthday little caterpillar.
Food Labels from ETSY.
All the cousins checking out the new water table
You can’t have cake without a little ice cream.

Who took the ice cream away?!?
All cleaned up and ready to play with his new toys.
Thanks to all of our family who came and celebrated!

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