4th of July 2014

This 4th of July had to be one of my favorite ones yet. During the day we went to the State Capital for the annual Salute to America celebration. It was our first time and we will definitely be going back. There was face painting, carnival rides, street vendors, food trucks, sand sculptures, and a petting zoo which we somehow managed to miss.

After a quick stop at home we headed to J’s aunt’s house. There’s just something about celebrating 4th of July in the country that makes it even more fun. Each year I look forward to going out there and I’m so glad my kids will have these memories.

The kids swam, shot fireworks, and then we watched the guys light the big ones while laying on blankets in the grass. The dads were in charge of getting all the huge fireworks ready and making sure they all didn’t simultaneously go off at once.

J’s aunt handed out popsicles and this red one made Jack look like a vampire.
We totally failed at getting a family picture this year. This was the best I got and only because I could force him to sit on my lap and take it.
And last 4th of July.
Hope you had a wonderful 4th!

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