Our First State Fair

A couple of weeks ago, we packed up the car and headed to the Missouri State Fair in Sedalia.

If you’ve never been to a state fair, you’re missing out. It was so much better than our little county one. Think bigger, cleaner, and less creepy carnies. Still existent, but less. We met J’s parents who were staying the weekend in their RV and Ben loved having his grandma and grandpa there.
We rode rides and Ben even did some by himself.
And what’s a fair without fair food. It was all fun and games until the corn dog which caused me to be sick later that night. This limeade however was delicious.
That evening J’s parent’s took our car home and we stayed the night in their RV. And by RV I really mean a house on wheels. Seriously. This thing is nice.
The couch pulls out into a bed and thanks to that corn dog, this is where I slept while Ben and daddy slept in the bedroom.

Despite a late bedtime, this little man was up bright and early the next morning. I made breakfast on the FULL SIZE STOVE. I mean common people. No wonder people live out of these things. And thanks to my MIL we had a fully stocked fridge so sausage, eggs, and toast it was.
The only bad part about the RV was that J had to drive it home and let’s just say I’ve never been so happy to get off that thing. 
And on the way home the excitement of the past weekend got the best of Ben and he was out.

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