No! Gingerbread Man

Last week at Target I picked up a kit to make a gingerbread house. I’ve only attempted this once in the past and halfway through when the roof fell in for the fifth time I gave up. I was willing to give it another try and with J having an engineering degree and all I figured between the two of us we could figure it out.
I told Ben that we were going to make a gingerbread house with little gingerbread men and put candy all over it to which he replied, “No gingerbread man, Ben’s candy.” Yes, he talks in the third person. 
After convincing him that the gingerbread men weren’t actually real and that there would be plenty of candy to share, we let Ben sit at the big table with us. That soon turned in to Ben eating half the candy and trying to lick the big gingerbread pieces. Needless to say he was placed in his high chair. With candy of course. And an orange. It’s all about balance.
I did all the decorating on the actual house and J did the Christmas Tree and Santa. I’m pretty proud of ourselves. In case you were wondering, no matter how delicious this gingerbread house looks, it definitely is not edible. Unless you like frosting that tastes like glue in which case it’s all yours.

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