Weekend Recap

Long Weekend Recap

I managed to go the entire 3 day weekend and only cook once and it was this dip so not even an actual meal. Go me.

Ben got 5/5 on his first spelling test of the year so we celebrated with ice cream on Friday night.

Saturday we went to our neighborhood pool one last time and had the whole thing to ourselves most of the time. And after being afraid of fountains all summer, Jack finally got the courage to splash around in them. #betterlatethannever
Sunday we headed to the boys’ cousin’s birthday party at J’s aunt’s house. I’m trying to grow my bangs out and I managed to put them in this teeny little braid. So much frizz everywhere else.
While the kids swam, Jack ate. Of course. To his defense he did swim for about 10 minutes and really built up that appetite:)
The boys’ cousin Mallory is so sweet and just loves Jack and always wants to play with him and carry him around. He’s pretty picky about who he’ll let hold him, but he finally realized that being packed around and catered to wasn’t so bad.
Labor day was spent spending time with both J’s family and mine and not a whole lot else. Except this birthday cake shake from Sonic. It was ehh. 
I don’t even know what’s going on here but no one is crying so I call that a win.
And I figured after wearing workout clothes most of the weekend despite not actually working out, I’d throw on one of my favorite summer outfits.
shirt {gap, old}; shorts {JCPenny, old}, shoes {Shoe Carnival, old}
Back to normal today, but at least it’s a four day week! And here’s a little funny to get you through the day.
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