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Life + Mother’s Day Recap

Happy Monday! 
I want to start off by sharing that we closed on our house Friday and I couldn’t be happier to officially own this house. We move this upcoming Friday and are very excited to start making it our own. The home is practically brand new so we won’t be making any big changes right away but we definitely have a running list of things we’d like/need to do. And don’t worry, I plan on blogging along the way so stay tuned for lots of before and after pictures!
On Friday Ben’s school had manicure and pedicure stations set up for the kids to do their mom’s nails. Ben did one toe and was over it but man does my big toe look good.
Saturday morning was our usual donut run and we also stopped by some garage sales. One of J’s clients had a big event both Friday and Saturday night so he spent lots of time helping with that which meant picnic dinners while watching Frozen.
While the kids repeated every single line of the movie, I attempted to put together boxes and get a few things packed which was nearly impossible because this little guy insisted on playing in the boxes.
On Sunday we went to an early lunch with my family (where I failed to take any pics with my mom) and enjoyed the beautiful weather before a thunderstorm rolled in. 
I’m declaring the Moscow Mule my official summer drink. So light and refreshing.
Despite his best efforts, Jack just couldn’t get settled for a nap so we all snuggled on the couch while the rain came in. We had plans to travel to J’s family but didn’t want to risk it with the storms, which ended up being nothing.
When the rain finally stopped, the boys continued with their Mother’s Day tradition of planting new flowers in the flower pots.
I hope you all have a wonderful week! Linking up with Biana for Weekending.


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