Life Lately

Before I recap what we’ve been up to lately, I just want to say how sad and sickened I am about the end to this Amber Alert that was issued in my state last night. This happened about 3 hours from where we live and literally within minutes from where some of my friends with small children live. It seems like you literally have to keep your children right next to you at all times it seems. I hope this family can find some comfort and peace.
Alright…let’s try to focus on something more positive shall we?
J had the most beautiful roses delivered to my office for Valentine’s Day.  That night we enjoyed a romantic dinner of Hy-Vee Chinese followed by cupcakes (also from Hy-Vee) and we gave the boys their goodies.  
Saturday morning Ben had his very first soccer practice. I was a little worried that he would kick the ball as hard as he could and then have to chase it up and down the field. He definitely surprised me and not only had great ball control, but he was also the very last kid to not get his ball stolen from other players during a pretend game.
Last night we enjoyed the 63 degree weather with a walk in our neighborhood. Ben got to try out his new scooter that he got for his birthday. It makes sparks when you put the brakes on and he thinks that is just the coolest! Of course Jack was laid back as usual and took a little snooze.
Last but not least bath time has become quite the little danger trap ever since this one thinks he can climb out of the tub. At 7 months. Lord help me.

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