Labor Day Weekend Recap

If only all weekends could be 3 days. Our Labor Day was filled with lots of family time and relaxing.

Ben decided he was too big to sit in his highchair and that he needed to sit at the grown up table.
We also blew up some balloons which provided at least a good hour’s worth of entertainment. Ben thought it was hysterical when we blew up the balloon and let it go. And yes, I know balloons are dangerous and kids can swallow them, but we were right there with him the whole time.
And just when a one year old thinks there couldn’t be anything more exciting than playing with balloons we brought out the playdough. For a whole 3 minutes. Someone apparently loves the taste and wouldn’t stop eating it.
My child does in fact have clothes, but he prefers to be naked.
Between all the fun, J and I managed to get away for a little date. We ate at a new Mexican restaurant that was delicious and saw Going the Distance. It was ok but wait until you can rent it. 
Sunday night went to J’s parent’s house for dinner. His brother is having his first baby in November and I can’t wait for Baby Kylee to get here.
We also made a trip to the park and although we weren’t planning on playing in the splash pad Ben was dying to and you only live once. 
After the park, we went over to my partent’s house for dinner where we ate and relaxed. 
Despite being 3 days, the weekend went by all too fast and I’m already counting down the days until the next one.

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