Kansas City Trip Review {Lego Land & The T-Rex Cafe}

A few weekends ago we took our last little trip as a family of 3. We wanted to get out of town one last time before I got too close to my due date and couldn’t travel.
We made the hour and a half drive to Kansas City and went straight to Lego Land where we built towers, made and raced cars, and rode a few rides. Ben had a blast and J may have loved it just as much as Ben.
The earthquake tower. You built a tower and then pressed a button which shook the table. The goal was to build a tower that wouldn’t fall down.
Building and racing cars.
After the boys were all raced out, we rode a little ride where you shoot different Lego targets before heading to the mini Lego area. Ben and I were a little disappointed since we thought we would be able to build with the mini Legos. Instead there were replicas of famous scenes as well as a replica of Kanas City. The people who created this set are super talented.
Mini Legos showing downtown KC during the day.
And at night.
A soccer stadium
Munchkin Land from the Wizard of the Oz
The Great Oz.
The Kansas Speedway.
 Ben and J rode one last ride before we left and walked across the street to Crown Center.
After exploring Crown Plaza, we drove about 20 miles into Kansas to eat dinner at the T-Rex Cafe. They had a T-Rex cafe at Downtown Disney that we didn’t get to eat at so I was excited to try this one. The atmosphere was pretty awesome and Ben liked seeing all the dinosaurs. The food was just so-so. 
A few weeks before going to KC, J and I were talking about donuts and Krispy Kreme in particular. J had never been to one so imagine how excited I was when we came across one on our way home. J was skeptical about just how great these donuts were, but once he tried one he agreed that it was the best donut he’d ever had. Ben was quite fond of them too:)
It was a great little trip and so nice to spend time together just the 3 of us!

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