Jack: 9 Month Update

You’ve officially been in the world for just about as long as you were on the inside my belly:) So much has changed in the past 9 months!
Let’s start with all your big milestones. You are pulling up on everything including our legs if we’re standing still. You can also stand without holding onto anything for several seconds at a time. Your biggest achievement this month though is that you are walking behind your lion push toy. You just crawl on over to it, pull yourself up, and take off walking and pushing that thing around. You’re no longer army crawling and instead take off at lightening speed on all fours.
Your 2 top teeth finally poked through a few days after you turned 8 months. They’re still not all the way in, but they make eating real food so much easier. You prefer table food over baby food but you really prefer real fruits and vegetables over the purred stuff. You’re still obsessed with the Dole all natural mandarin oranges, but you also like peaches, bananas, and strawberries. We usually go the mixed vegetable route, but carrots and green beans seem to be a favorite. You also tried deli turkey meat and liked it pretty well. And just like your brother, you love cheese.
 You take 5, 6oz bottles per day, but we’re increasing that to 7oz this month. You still wake up twice in the middle of the night and have a bottle each time. Sometimes you drink it all and other times you only drink half. 
Saturday night we started sleep training, but I’m still undecided about which method to use, night time weaning, etc. Since you’ve been eating in the middle of the night, I want to make sure we don’t just quit cold turkey. I want to talk to your pediatrician before we decide to go full steam ahead with cry it out, but if waking up twice a night is the worst thing you do I can live with that!
Even though you’re not sleeping through the night, naps are still going very well. You take two good naps during the day and sometimes you take a third little cat nap in the car on the way home from daycare.
You’ve moved up to size 3 Pampers and wear 9month, 6-12month, and 12month clothes. You’re pretty long so pants, jammies, and one piece outfits usually require a size up.
You love to jabber and squeal all the time. Dada is still your favorite word to say but you also say mama, uh-oh, and hi/hey. You make several other sounds including ya ya, ga ga, ba ba, and lots where I have no idea what you’re saying.
Last month you had a nasty little cold (thanks to the start of daycare) and this month you had a horrible cough, ear infection, fever, and more runny nose. One night your fever got to 102.9 and you had only one wet diaper all day so we took you to the ER to make sure you weren’t dehydrated. You were pretty miserable and I felt so bad for you, but I sure loved all the cuddles. 
And last but not least, this month marked the beginning of some separation anxiety. We haven’t really seen it at school yet, but definitely at home, even if I just leave a room. When I’m doing dishes or putting laundry away you follow me wherever I go like a little dog. I love that you love me so much but I think it hurts your daddy’s feelings a little bit. You often crawl around him or through his legs to get to me:)
I can’t wait to see what this next month has in store for you little man. Love you so much!


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