I’m a Pinterest Fool

Creating a Pinterest account has been one of the best and worst decisions of my life. So many great ideas, so little time to do them all. 
Last weekend I managed to complete two things I’ve had pinned forever.
First up Lemon Burst Cookies. Now I’m normally not a fan of lemon foods. I love the smell, great for soap, but in my food, not so much. However, after the magic that was Funfetti cookies, I thought I’d give these a try.
1. The batter
Ya’ll. This is even better than the actual cookies themselves. It wasn’t a coincidence that I made these while J wasn’t home. True love may be a lot of things, but it doesn’t need to be your man watching you lick a mixing bowl clean.
2. Roll 
I’ll admit. I was skeptical. I thought, why don’t I just dust the tops with powered sugar? Roll people, roll. Trust the creator of this recipe.
3. The finished product
If nothing else, they were pretty. They weren’t bad and they were very light and fluffy, but I’d personally rather not waste the calories. I ended up taking the extras to work and they were all gone by lunchtime so apparently others loved them.
My second Pinterest activity was a moss and burlap wreath. Instead of a grape vine wreath I used a foam wreath from Michaels.
You’ll also need a bag of moss and I got mine from Walmart. The moss at Michaels was a very small bag and  almost $4. I got this large one from Walmart for $2.50 and I used only 1/2 the bag. I went to Walmart to buy burlap but was told they were out. The sweet manager told me they had used a lot of it for decorations around the store and then she found a foot of it they were using for a mum display and since it was “used” she gave it all to me a dollar!
The finished product. I’m pretty proud of myself.


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