Ho Ho, No.

Along with almost every other parent, J and I took Ben to see Santa. Ben was not thrilled and I have a feeling Santa wasn’t either.
Love Santa’s face.
We were surprised that Ben was more upset this year than last. Right up until we saw Santa he kept saying, “ho ho ho.” To his credit, a big man with a fluffy white beard in a red suit handing out candy  to kids can be kinda creepy.
To make up for the not so fun Santa adventure, we took Ben to see The Magic Tree. It’s a tree decorated with thousands of lights and was originally started by a guy at his house here in town. The tree has become so popular and with such a high number of visitors, he recently decided to move the tree to a more public location. 
Ben had such a blast and despite the 20 degree weather he did not want to get back into the car. Good thing mommy had a mint in her purse that could be used as a bribe.

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