Weekend Recap

Hello 2am. It’s Been a While

This past weekend the wonderful Mrs. Bojangles and I packed up and headed to St. Louis for our friend Adi’s bachelorette party. We had so much fun and it was the first time in a long time all of us had been out together without the guys around. It’s always nice to catch up and have some girl time, ya know.
Adi had lots of friends and family come to celebrate. We stayed at the Ameristar Casino, Resort, and Spa and the place was fabulous! I was little skeptical since typically the words casino and spa don’t go together very well, but the place was gorgeous and enormous.
We had plans to venture outside of the hotel, but with freshly fallen snow and freezing temperatures we decided to stay in and go to one of the several restaurants and bars they had inside the hotel.
We couldn’t let the bride to be go out with her crown and sash.
We staked our claim at the Bottleneck Blues Bar and fortunately for us there was an 80’s hair band playing. Needless to say there was LOTS of dancing and even more singing going on.
A chandelier made from bottle tops.
Surprisingly we were up pretty early the next morning for breakfast before heading back home. Now the countdown to the wedding is on. 4 more weeks!

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