Yesterday was our final day of being snowed in. Our street was plowed and after I dug a path at the end of our driveway we are officially free! I also have to give a huge shout out to our neighbor who helped me navigate up our street!
I think the final number was around 19 inches of snow. And it’s supposed to snow again on Sunday. I didn’t capture many pictures of the snow, but here are a few.

With temperatures and wind chill below 0, we didn’t even get to take Ben out to play in it. It’s amazing how many things on my long to-do list didn’t get accomplished. Since I went to the gym early Monday morning before the snow started, I only missed working out Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday which all of a sudden seems like a lot when I type it out. But you’ll be happy to know I did go this morning, even though my car said this. Woof.
Worse than the temperatures however are the weather forecaster’s who like to make little puns about how a heat wave is gonna hit and it’s going to be 30 degrees. 
Despite the cold, I am so excited for this weekend. A bunch of my girlfriends are meeting up in St. Louis for our friend Adi’s bachelorette party. The classy no stripper, girl talk, stay up way too late reminiscing kind of party. We’re all way too old for the other.
Happy Weekend!

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